var TRANSACTION = escape(''); Bd. DIN VDE 0816 for Outdoor Telephone Cables. of Max Strands x Strand Size Voltage Rating Jacket Material Conductor Material ... Multipair Cable, Screened, 20 Pair, 20 AWG, 0.52 mm², 1000 ft, 305 m. ALPHA WIRE. Unit Price. and JE-HCH . BS5308 Part 1 Technical Information Instrument Cables BS 5308 Part 1 Colour code BS 5308 Part 1 Colour Identification. Necessary cookies are absolutely essential for the website to function properly. Cond. var pc = 1382; Screened pairs shall be identified either: a) by means of coloured insulation in Color Combination; 1-Black paired with Red: 2-Black paired with White: 3-Black paired with Green: 4-Black paired with Blue: 5- ... 20-White paired with Brown: 21-White paired with Orange: 22-White paired with Yellow: 23-Blue paired with Brown: 24- Pink/Grey. Pair no. Hi, this video explains how to determine the colour code in correct order from pairs 1-20 for BT spec CW1308 and CW1128 telephone cable. These colour codes are offered as guidance in allocating circuits and investigating existing installations. The binder groups follow the same color code as the ring wire of each pair ie 1st binder is blue/white. . . } . Number of cores / size of cable : 20 pairs 28: pink: grn: pink: 14: blk. cables shall be cabled in quad formation and colour coded in clockwise order or rotation: black, blue, green, brown Pair identfication Unscreened pairs shall be identified by means of coloured insulation in the sequence in the table, starting at the centre. In cable constructions containing more than 25 pairs, the colours are, For cables through 600 pairs, 25 pair groups are identified by their binder colours in the same sequence as the pair identification is accomplished. gry: blk. grn: blk. Older homes are typically wired with 3 conductor and/or 2 pair JK. Instrument Cables BS 5308 Part 1 Colour code BS 5308 Part 1 Colour Identification Pair No. *Cable reference 16-2-10C is a 5 pair cable coloured as follows: Pair 1 white, blue; Pair 2 white, orange; Pair 3 white, green; Pair 4 white, brown; Pair 5 white, grey. Bd. blu. Details available upon request. .

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